Free Flight

I love seagulls. I think they are beautiful birds even though they are scavengers and can be mean. As with most gulls this little beauty was found at a beach but gulls can be found hundreds of miles inland. I’ve been lucky to see them at the Great Lakes and even small lakes in Indiana.

Travel theme: Liquid

I know liquid is not just water but when I hear the word my first thought is water, ice cold, and I want to drink it. Here are a few photos that make me want to drink.

This is Crater Lake. The water was crystel clear and a beautiful Blue. Definately drinkable. The white colorations are mountain ridges left from a volcanic explosion.

Nothing says drinkable like a water fountain and this one was a beauty. I wanted  to jump in and play. This was taken somewhere near Dothan, Alabama. I’m not sure where exactly so if anyone knows where this is I’d sure like to know. It was close to the Florida line.

Ah, a big wave perfect for refreshing but I wouldn’t drink it.

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Rest Stop

Driving around the countryside you never know what you’ll find. I had to make a fast break to get this picture. It was the funniest thing to see so many turkey vultures lined up on those fence poles. Unfortunately in my haste and excitement I only got three shots before they flew off.


What Luck

This was the first time I had seen a great blue heron, well close enough to recognize it anyway. I had stopped to photograph a small waterfall and found this little guy wading on the opposite side of the river. What luck.

Birds of a Feather

This little girl set up home just outside my door. Not long after this photo was taken did the little ones appear.

Butterfly Garden

Mounds State Park is one of the best state parks for cultural and historical preservation. For one year only a butterfly garden was planted. Sadly it was for only one year.

Rocket Garden

Sky Bridge

Sky Bridge, Daniel Boone National Forest, Kentucky

Valley of the Gods

The Valley of the Gods is just north of Monument Valley (AZ/UT) and while a much smaller scale it is still breath taking. This picture was taken with the setting sun which allowed the red highlights of the sandstone to stand out.

Don’t Drink the Water

Bad Water Basin is located in Death Valley National Park in southeaster California.  At 282 feet below sea level the basin is the lowest point in North America. At the other extreme, Mount Whitney, the highest altitude in the contiguous United States is only 85 miles to the northwest.  I wouldn’t drink the water though. There is an accumulation of salts that make the water undrinkable.