Punch Bowl

This photo was taken at one the jewels of Indiana, Turkey Run State Park. The trail is challenging and mostly runs along a creek bed It was definitely worth the time and effort.

Travel Theme: Mystical

For me, nothing demonstrates mystical more than FOG. The way it hovers over land and water, the way it obscures what’s behind and beneath conjures childhood fears of other worldly beings. Even our perceptions are challenged as fog distorts our reality.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

Sumner Butte

Wizard’s Rising

Sunrise over Wizard Island, Crater Lake National Park

Long Road Ahead

Death Valley National Park, Amargosa Mountains


Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal (2)

When I came across this little flower I said to my daughter, “how sad, this little flower living alone in such a desolate place”. Even as sad as it looks there is great strength in a flower to grow here. You see, this flower was growing in the volcanic basin at Yellowstone National Park. This landscape is one of the most beautiful and unique but also one of the most inhospitable. With scorching temperatures rising, sulfur and other volcanic chemicals, lack of good water and lack of soil this little flower amazed me with its willingness to bring renewal to desolation.

May we all bloom so strongly in the midst of adversity.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

If you live in the northern United States you know that spring not only brings renewal of the land but of hearts, minds and attitudes. These photographs were taken at Fall Hollow Falls, Natchez Trace Parkway in Tennessee.