Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Black & White

You would think as a fan of Ansel Adams I would have started with black & white along time ago but it was only a few years back when I took my first black & white photo that I became an enthusiast of monochrome. My daughter and I were driving the back roads near my city and I saw this view and thought it looked sad, of a place long ago. I took this black & white shot through the front window of the car. It’s only a simple countryside but it showed me the beauty of black & white.

Lonely Countryside (Madison County, Indiana)


John Mouldton Farm (Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming)

john moulton farm, WY

Monarch Monochrome (Falls of the Ohio State Park, Indiana)

monarch monochrome

Winter’s Bliss (Chain-O-Lakes State Park, Indiana)

winter's wonder


The eyes have it (Bighorn National Forest, Wyoming)

the eye of a birch

Lily (Center Lake Park, Indiana)


Misty Falls (Dunn’s Falls, Mississippi)

dunn's falls MS

Mother & Child

mother & son

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