Photos of Paintings: The Barbara Anne

While I’m avid about not posting (other than reblogs) works of others I’m making an exception with my “Photos of Paintings”. These were painted by my grandmother who developed and taught the technique of painting with the spatula. She introduced me to the world of art, tried to teach me to paint which I failed miserably at and brought me to art shows all over southeastern Mass. If she were alive today I know she’d love to see her work online for all to see. Unfortunately I was only able to acquire a dozen or so of her works. It is my desire to show off the beauty I grew up with. 103_3907crop

This painting was named for me; the name on the boat is “Barbara Anne”. Most of her work was seascapes (Cape Cod), landscapes and flowers; she rarely painted people and only painted a handful of portraits. Even though she felt she couldn’t get faces “just right” they were always beautiful.

3 thoughts on “Photos of Paintings: The Barbara Anne

  1. This is beautiful – and I look forward to seeing more of your grandmother’s work. That is the type of painting I would like to be able to do. Have you tried painting now that you are older?

    • no I haven’t tried, haven’t even thought about it, my memory is how hard it was. It’s also expensive, frames, canvas, brushes and the oils even are expensive and there’s more. Maybe someday I’ll try again when life is a little more settled.

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