A Word A Week Challenge – OLD

Old as the hills


Old, ancient landscapes


Old as dirt


Old photos of ancestors, MeMe & PaPa


Old, ancient ways

Cape Cod_0059

Photo locations:

  1. Appalachian Mountains, West Virginia (North Bend State Park)
  2. Cahokia, Illinois (platform earthwork)
  3. Cocoa Beach, Florida
  4. Massachusetts Beach circa 1930 (photo obviously not taken by me, don’t know who took it.
  5. Plimoth Plantation, Massachusetts (reenactment)

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2 thoughts on “A Word A Week Challenge – OLD

  1. Wonderful photographs! Love the shot of your grandparents….it’s fun to see them in an entire different lifetime, isn’t it?

    • Yes, this is my favorite photo of them. They actually look in love. Having only known them in their senior years, when “in love” turned to agape love I can get a little glimpse of how their lives once were…before children, illness, life’s everyday challenges. I don’t take many photos of people but I love photographing my family, we love reminiscing.

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