Using sepia in improve a bad photo

I’m trying my hand at sepia again. I’ve taken a poor photo with lack of color and contrast with inadequate light. I think the photo is drastically improved. I welcome your opinions.

Sepia Tint




Photo taken at Harmony State Park, Indiana

8 thoughts on “Using sepia in improve a bad photo

    • Just got another project for work, it will be another month before I’m back full time posting. I will try to get a few out though. I haven’t been reading either and I hate that, I feel like I’m missing so much. Need the prayer, this is stressful as these projects create a time crunch.

  1. Hi hi! It has been a while since you’ve last updated your blogs…just popping in to say HI and hope everything is well over your side.

    Take care & Cheers!!! 😀


    • Thanks so much Wendy for your concern. Things here have been beyond hectic. I was sick, got behind in work, then got more projects. Been working crazy to get it caught up. I’ve meant to post something about my absence but kept getting side tracked. I should be back blogging next week.
      Oh, and I do appreciate that you have kept reading my past posts…I’ve seen notices on who visits.
      Thanks again for your concern.
      Until next week

      • Ohhh…hope you are feeling better already…miss you quite a bit for I am so used to seeing new photos uploaded in your other blog even when you’ve not been updating this blog…and it seems that something is amiss when you’ve not been uploading any new posts…

        Do take care and stay hydrated at all times…Cheers!!! 😀

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