The Next Challenge: Backs of Things

I’ve not participated in this challenge but I saw Cee’s entry and my thoughts went to this image. Check out other entries for this weeks challenge at Sunday Stills.

I came across this interesting site driving on the Wendell H Ford Western Kentucky Pkwy more than a year into my own journey. I found it refreshing to find another adventurous soul living the life they’d always dreamed of. I cheered them as I slowly passed and they smiled and waved back. Such are the brief encounters while traveling, some you never forget.

Picture 212

Ride on my friends from “Two Mules and a Wagon”



8 thoughts on “The Next Challenge: Backs of Things

    • I was sad too. I did find his facebook page but he hasn’t posted since 2011. I guess like me, the adventure had to end eventually. They were kindred spirits.
      What made it special is that I had watched their story on TV the year before I started my journey (discovery, NGO or perhaps the news). I was pretty excited when I ran into them.

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