Spotlight on Florida: Autumn in Florida

This week I’m spotlighting a season in Florida rather than a place. The other afternoon I took princess out for a walk. I immediately noticed a chill in the air, ah, a sure sign of fall. I later checked the temperature…70º, definitely sweater weather. This is the time of the year I miss living in the north. I miss the change of colors, but not wearing sweaters.

Acadia National Park, Maine

Acadia National Park ME (2)

We do have changing seasons here in Florida and changing leaves. Last year my daughter brought me a leaf and said in complete seriousness, “see mom, leaves do change colors”. With shock on my face I replied, “It’s dead”. The leaf was brown and crumbly just like the leaves in the photo below.

seaworld spooktacular 328

So if you want to see beautiful, colorful autumn leaves this is what you will see. Fake plastic or silk leaves, colorfully dyed in the colors of autumn. Ah Florida. At least I’m not wearing a coat!

seaworld spooktacular 325