Monochrome Monday: Autumn


A Word A Week Challenge: Behind

Traffic Jam at Yellowstone National Park

On my first trip west we encountered a lot of construction in several of the national parks. We actually arrived the night before this photo was taken but the gate attendant warned us we may not get a camping spot and we should travel back 50 miles to Cody. You see from the east entrance the closest campground was 50 miles away and he was concerned we wouldn’t make it in time before it filled and would then have to travel 100 miles back to Cody. We did take his advice and found a quaint cabin only 30 miles away.

As a geographer, and teacher on the national parks, I knew Yellowstone was big but it didn’t quite hit me how big until I learned how far the closest campground was. It was an amazing adventure and an amazing park with such wonderful variation in geography, geology, history and culture.

So for this week’s topic BEHIND I chose this photo of my family traveling for nearly an hour behind all these vehicles at a snails pace.

YS_east ent road const copy

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