Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Cows!

(one of my favorite movie quotes…anyone know what movie???)


Free range cows, Caribou National Forest, Idaho

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7 thoughts on “Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Cows!

    • thanks, it’s funny, I didn’t even like the quality but it was the only photo I have of cows. It was a scary situation. those cows didn’t want me there and I had trouble getting turned around.

      thanks so much for visiting, I always enjoy seeing your presence here

    • Yeah, we have a winner. I could watch this movie everyday LOL.

      this is another favorite quote “It’s coffee time. Coffee. Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee. cappuccino, Java” – I say this nearly every morning 馃檪

  1. Reblogged this on Free Range Cow and commented:
    Today’s post, from a fellow bloggess (Ana Perry), hit home on two levels. 1) Cows and 2) It’s in Caribou National Forest in Idaho. I know not many would look at the “brown” of Idaho and see beauty, but I do.

    Also, Ana, besides being really positive and inspirational, you REALLY get around. As you know, I not only LOVE this, but am impressed!

    • Too funny, nope no pandering, how could it not be my first thought “free range cow”. I’ve run across this a lot in the west, signs everywhere advising the unaware driver there are roaming cows, even on state highways. This was new for me.

      I bet that would be cool to see. I haven’t been on a farm since I was very young. There’s a farm not too far from here I want to take Kai to see.

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