One Word Photo Challenge: Brown


Buffalo Preserve, Ouabache (correctly pronounced Wabash) State Park, Indiana

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21 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Brown

  1. Your dissertation sound very interesting. I have this one that I believe was in Noblesville but I honestly can’t remember where. Honestly, since I focus on miniature photography I often forget about taking photos in the real world- or when I take them I never look at them again, I’m sure I have more Indiana photos around here somewhere… I’ll have to take a look through your state park category 馃檪

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    • Now that’s pretty cool. The park is near Fort Wayne. I lived there for years Muncie/Anderson area and near Warsaw. One of my early photography goals was to photograph all the state parks, I finished in 2007. Now my goal is to photograph all Florida state parks. That will take a long time, there’s more than 6x the parks here.

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