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The elusive round benchmark

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When I taught geography I taught a class called “map reading”. As part of mapping, locations, of finding our way around this earth the US Coast & Geodetic Survey has left markers around the US marking elevation (used in topographical maps)

I had never seen one until years after I quit teaching. I found this little prize on a trail over looking Firestone Cascades at Yellowstone National Park.


What does this benchmark mean?

US Coast & Geodetic Survey Bench Mark: Geodetic is the practice of measuring the earth’s surface. The bench mark (geodetic survey mark) is used for measuring, surveying and triangulation. This marker is used to mark elevation.

7103.473: elevation

Y9: designation (the benchmark name)

1923: year monumented

Today benchmark hunting has become a popular activity similar to geocaching. Benchmark hunters will often refer to a NGS Dataset for information on the markers.



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