Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Flower

c1-flower.busch gardens 640



10 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Flower

  1. hi again – well regarding the difference in flowers – well it is not just you – many have varieties that look a lot like other ones – and so it just takes time getting to know a few as you go. and what always amazes me is how certain people know the latin names for so many flowers – just amazing (and crazy!0 ha!) well have a great rest of the week. 🙂

    • I love flowers, love gardens, love them in my house but I’m embarrassed to say I don’t know the names of many…including this one. Care to share the name?

      • thought you’d never ask! ha!!! jk and while I do not know names for many, I have a few down after some years in the dirt. ha!

        well this flower you have here is a variety of a Hibiscus. And in the last 12 to 15 years they have made a surge across the U.S. as more hearty varieties have been cultivated. They now have some that will endure very cold temps – amazing. But for a long time this was the flower of Hawaii and Florida and anyplace tropical and warm. But the hearty hybrids brought them to gardens on many zones. In the early 2000’s they also flooded garden centers as patio plants – that die over winter unless carefully kept warm –

        and when we first had our two “topiary” versions of Hibiscus in 2004 – my husband and I were talking one night – I was on my way home – and he said, “wow – these flowers are closing up for the night…” and that is the beauty of these little gems from God. They are prolific bloomers and worth every dollar. They open and bloom all day – then close at night and shed – to then have new buds open the next day – with all that reproductive beauty staring right at us. (check out this blog post: http://juridicious.com/2013/03/14/anatomy-of-a-hibiscus-part-2-extreme-macro/)

        anyhow, the pink one you show here is one of the first ones we had – and we later had yellow and different varieties – but they are also noted for their glossy leaves – which you captured SO WELL! great shot. 🙂

      • Too funny. I know one more flower. And that flower (link) is beautiful.

        I love nature, camping, hiking, but I’m not really a fan of dirt and even less a fan of bugs. My grandmother tried for many years to get me into her garden but NO WAY! I’d rather enjoy yours LOL

      • well gardening is not for everyone -p for sure! also, you may find that later it appeals – sometimes when we age our interests change and well – you just never know!! and keep in mind that wal-mart and other stores carry some great versions of potted hibiscus – have seen some for under ten bucks too – so check out their garden centers – another good potted one that will take off and bring joy is called Mandevilla – easy to maintain – may not make it over winter – but worth every penny for the ongoing blooms. 🙂

      • this is sad, I didn’t see much difference between the Mandevilla and the Hibiscus. 🙂 And you never know, if I ever have a yard again I may want to. I do love gardens.

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