Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

Here in Florida we don’t experience spring like my northern neighbors. However, I’m looking out my window at a deciduous tree with new leaves. It will be in full “bloom” in a week or so then around Thanksgiving suddenly it will be devoid of leaves. When does that happen? Who knows. It seems to die over night. But I do remember on fall day a couple of years ago when my daughter brought me a dead, brown leaf and said, “see mom, we do have changing of leaves here”. My reaction: “It’s dead”. There’s no change of color. Just as the coming and falling of leaves seems so slight so is the change of seasons here. How do we know the seasons change? We measure it in inches, of rain that is. This past week we entered of second of two season; the rainy season.

My entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge this week is in honor of those lovely souls who endured one of the worst winters in a long time. This lovely iris (and yes I actually know the name of this one) was in my back yard when I lived in a world where spring existed.


My back yard, Indiana