Spotlight on Florida: Key West

Key West is a beautiful island at the farthest end of the Florida Keys. Although a popular tourist destination the island retains old world charm. You wont find chain stores or McDonald’s. You will find fishing and boating harbors, museums, art and crafts stores and fine dining. You wont even find a “real” beach but you can swim in the manmade beach.


One place I’ve wanted to visit is Ernest Hemingway’s Key West Home. It seems no matter what I do I just can’t seem to get there before close. Just too busy swimming I guess.

Another popular attraction is the marker doing Key West as the most southern point in the continental United States and only 90 miles from Cuba.


2 thoughts on “Spotlight on Florida: Key West

  1. thanks for this great post – and this is one of the places my husband and I have decided to go and see the next time we get to Florida – I have been so close – to Miami and lived in Plantation for a while – anyhow, after reading this I REALLY want to go – and will try to see Hemingway’s house too!! great photos too. 🙂

    • It’s a beautiful, 90 minute drive. Plenty to see on the way so budget this in your time. And if you want quick food you won’t find it, only nice restaurants with dress codes. I do hope to get back some day.

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