For the Love of Geography: Moraine

Moraine is a glacial landforms which results from glacial movement. As a glacier moves down the mountain it leaves behind debris of dirt and boulders.

Look below the glaciers in these photos. It looks like a river of rock. This is the debris left from the glaciers above which have retreated for the summer months.

Grand Teton National Park

3 thoughts on “For the Love of Geography: Moraine

  1. Hm I’m curious, comes Geophilla from Biophillia of bjork? I like to talk about geography, certainly at children I remember meselfasking my mother: why does the moon so sad? And it stayed to be a mystery. she did’t began about the hugh kraters;

    e I have seen Mauritiius,lanzarote,la palma,the rain forest in Ghana, the Volta like (Bukina Faso had the name uppervolta
    I lke in th rainforest but somtimes dangeourous, these amount o sf incects and snakes and tarantula’sIt was a good voyage. the lake has
    nothing to do with the that drawning a line from the Zambesi to the Nill and f those who want too see the mediterra, hurry up because it will be a place with the highest mountains. The evolution of the mountains show who it was for the Himalaya A enomous strengt that we see see in very very long low pace. Maybe is the velocité at litthe higher in a more normal dimention there, maybe their exists aonther velocity; like indiia crushing the land in one hour imagine!

    • I would love to visit a tropical rain forest and the Himalayas. I’ve only been to Canada, which is much like the US, and Spain.

      Geophilia comes from Greek geo meaning earth and philia meaning love, together it’s love of the earth

      thanks for visiting..

  2. I see a caldera rests of ane exxploded volcano; snow young rocks; In yor pictirus

    you will have to wait till my camera works again

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