Travel Theme: Cities

The Necropolis (City of the Dead)

A necropolis is an ancient burial ground where burials are usually above ground, often earthen mounds. These cities were overseen by priests and surrounded by earthen walls that contained conical and loafed mounds in various geometric shapes. Each mound contained a charnel house for cremation and many grave goods including copper, mica, pipes and shells. These ancient cemeteries were far outside of the main city. This example is Mounds City at the Hopewell Culture National Historic Park near Chillicothe, Ohio which was connected to a large urban area in Newark, Ohio by a wide road lined by earthen walls over sixty miles away. This demonstrates the importance this necropolis held to the leaders of the Ohio Hopewell culture.

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Ancient Cities

The earthen center at Newark, Ohio is the largest known urban area of the Ohio Hopewell people from 200bc to 500ad. The major enclosures in the Newark Earthworks included the Wright Earthworks, the Octagon and Circle enclosures (now the Mound builders Golf Club) and the Great Circle Earthwork which at a mile in circumference is the largest of its type. Originally the enclosures contained more than 3000 acres.

Travel often brings us to some unusual cities and to worlds long gone. Check out the Travel Theme-cites challenge for more interesting cities of this world and those past

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