For the Love of Geography: Pyramidal peak


Grand Teton

A pyramidal peak or glacial horn is a sharply pointed mountain peak usually with three sides. When three or more glacial cirques erode backwards to a central point they form a triangular peak, a pyramidal peak or horn.


Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park

The number of faces on a horn depends on how many cirques come together, however the most common is three or four. When a peak has four symmetrical sides it’s called a matter horn after the Matterhorn peak in the Alps.


Teton Range

6 thoughts on “For the Love of Geography: Pyramidal peak

  1. This is in Glacier? I so want to go there. I never really thought much about it until I read a mystery set there and now I want to go there. I had a chance one time ,but my husband would not go for it. Why I now live alone. He was worthless and non physically abusive.

    • My first trip west I missed going but my second trip I was alone and could do whatever I wanted. I got there the day after season was over. (oct 2) Overnight the weather changed from summer to winter. I left early, just too cold and I had no coat. I want to go back, it’s one of the more beautiful parks. Now that you’ve gotten rid of your unnecessary baggage you should go, and I want to see photos 🙂 Are you far from Montana?

      • I am in Missouri now. I am from Washington State and have lived in Montana 2 times in my life. I went to a Summer camp so my younger daughter could go since you was to young to be without a parent. The first day it was so hot. By the 2nd afternoon it was freezing. this was in the Oregon mountains. I had all my clothes layered to keep warm. I had brought a sweater, but it was cold enough for a coat. I never thought it would get that cold so fast. I will get photos if I ever get back up there.

      • I guess my experience with the cold isn’t unusual. Mountain weather is crazy. I’ve been to MO several times for work. Stayed in many unusual places including a cool rest area on I44, east of Springfield. I was in a route 66 theme. MO to MT is a long drive, more than 1200 miles. You might want to stop a few times. 🙂

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