Photography 101: Landmark

With Thanksgiving in just a few weeks I chose an appropriate landmark to commemorate those who are credited with starting this tradition, the Pilgrims.

The Pilgrims began the tradition of a Thanksgiving meal in Plymouth (fka Plimoth), Mass in 1621. They endured a horribly difficult year, barely eking out an existence and loosing nearly half that began the journey. You may not think they had much to be thankful for, but they were still alive and they had a harvest and they had friends with which they would celebrate.

While you know Thanksgiving took place in or around Plymouth they actually began their new life in their new world in Provincetown which was not much more than a sandbar. Today this quaint town is known as an artist town. This photo of the Pilgrim’s Monument was taken from across the Provincetown Harbor.

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Travel Theme: Arches

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The Alhambra, Spain


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