Spotlight on a Florida Christmas: Let it Snop, Let is Snop, Let it Snop

IMG_20141205_203608Now Snowing…

Florida just got an inch of the fluffy white stuff. What’s Christmas without snow? We here in Florida have an answer for that…snop. That fluffy white stuff comes down in gobs of soapy bubbles. Be careful though, the soapy snow is just as slippery as the real thing. One good thing, we don’t have to trade in our flip-flops for snow boots.

Now Snowing is just one of central Florida’s “snowing” events and can be enjoyed nightly at Celebration’s Town Center.

There is plenty to do here at Celebration’s celebration. There are strolling carolers, lots of food, photo ops with Santa, horse-drawn carriage rides, and the Celebration Express.

There is a skating rink. Ok, fooled ya again. It’s not real ice. I don’t know what it is or what those skate looking things are on their feet but they are skating, somewhat.


And of course there’s the snow snop falling nightly at 6, 7, 8 and 9pm. Too bad our weather people aren’t that accurate.

Children waiting eagerly for the first snow fall.


Then the snop storm begins…


Here’s a fun fact for you to chew on…how can you tell a Floridian from a Northerner?


IMG_20141205_210542If you’ll notice the couple on the right they’re wearing winter coats and just watching the child play. Now look at the mom and kids to the left. Yup, they’re northerners, short sleeves and posing for a photo. Ok, so this is a little simplified but it’s so very common. And what was I wearing? Considering temps were in the upper 60s, I word long sleeves, a sweater and as always flip-flops – is there anything else? Some day I’ll invest in real shoes – – just not today.

A Photo A Week Challenge: White

I just couldn’t resist…snow white.


Summit Lake State Park, Indiana


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