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“The Hoxie House”

Built circa 1675, the Hoxie House is one of the oldest houses in Massachusetts. The house looks large but there are only 5 rooms. A large kitchen/eating area, living room, a master bedroom and 2 smaller bedrooms. This must have been very cramped for the first family who lived there – they had 13 children.

Some interesting facts:

  • Part of the kitchen has a summer kitchen.
  • There’s a staircase leading to the bedrooms but the master bedroom also has a ladder going into the kitchen.
  • Mattresses were filled with hay and laid on ropes that criss-crossed the bed frame, hence the phrase “sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.”
  • The chest of draws is a common piece of furniture in bedrooms today but in the 1600s it was a necessity. Closets were rare because among all the things taxed by the English, doors were one of those items taxed. So out of necessity the chest of drawers were invented.
  • The parents bed was interesting, there was a toddler bed that pulled out from the end, something like a trundle bed. Once a new child was born the previous child slept on this trundle until they were old enough to sleep with their brothers or sisters, or until the next child came along.

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Sandwich, Massachusetts


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