One Word Photo Challenge: Hurricane

Hurricane Charley, Port Charlotte, Florida – 2004

6.23.15 hurricane




8 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Hurricane

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  2. Great shot. To be honest I am scared of hurricanes. I hate the winds that come with them. Combined with the rain they can be so destructive – the rain makes the leaves on the tree heavy and so the tree is too top heavy and then falls over. The main thing is that you got through it safely.

    • I was never afraid, I loved the wind. I was one of those fools that went running around in them. We did have a bad one where I lived but we made it thru. The photo here was a Florida hurricane which are typically worse because of the warm water. That one, Charley, was so bad I never want to be in another. No more hurricane chasing for me.

    • Growing up on Cape Cod there were more cat 1’s and nor’easter than I could count. I’ve been in 3 major hurricanes, all on vacation, the worst was Charley. Before Charley I love chasin’ storms but not any more. It was devastating.

      • I imagine that would change your outlook. I haven’t been through any bad ones thank goodness. My most vivid memory was of a tropical storm in 2001 – a tree fell over in our front yard and my mom was on a flight that day to go see her sick father in IN. It was right after Sep. 11. So all things combined were worrisome.

      • that sure was a long time ago. If you’ve been in FL since then you’ve been very lucky. I feel like we’re over due for a big one

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