One Word Photo Challenge: Foggy

8.6.15 foggy



12 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Foggy

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    • Just one of those hey look times. I was laying in bed (Indiana) looked out the window and, what a eerie view.

      I was able to get several pics for the animal challenge 馃檪

      • Thanks for the update, I was 19 pics away and there’s more LOL. I’m anxious to see what you’ve added. It’s like a scavenger hunt trying to find pics to fit the topics.

      • Oh no. I can always adjust. I just like knowing what I have so I know what I still need to find or even replace. I much prefer lists that I can be prepared. Life is so crazy lists help. If I have to find something last minute I often don’t participate. Make all the changes you need, doesn’t ruin anything. I just stick all the pics in a folder so I don’t have to look too far to find the next topic

      • Thank you for being so understanding! I like lists too, that’s why I set the challenge up this way. The combination of people & creatures, photo terms, and places & things makes for quite a long list (that lasts through part of 2019). So as long as people are enjoying/participating (because if everyone hates it I suppose we will change it), you will be able to plan way way in advance.

      • wow, 2019. I don’t think i’ll plan that far in advance. May a year at a time. I’m so far behind in work (gotta love vacation) it may be next week before I come back to the blogging world. I’m anxious to see what you’ve added and if any of the new ones inspire me.

      • Didn’t mean for it to be that long in advance, but I combined the topics for the 3 challenges, deleted a few that I didn’t like and well that’s how many resulted. So I figure we’ll go with it for now, with room for change in the future. Good luck catching up with work. Looking forward to having you back.

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