One Word Photo Challenge: Blizzard

If you lived in the Midwest in January 1978 you’ll remember The major blizzard that devastated the region. I was in college during mid semester break. There were very few students on campus. We weren’t allowed to leave our dorms for two days and weren’t to leave campus for a week. We hung out at the student center where there was food, limited as it was. Trucks were unable to get through to deliver food. After a week we ventured out to the grocery store that still handing received many deliveries and most shelves were bare. But it was a nice change of scenery

This photo was taken just before I fell through the snow that reached my hips.

9.17.15 bilizzard

Anderson University, Anderson Indiana



4 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Blizzard

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    • well now that makes me feel old, even your mom is younger than me. I’d recently turned 18 and while I had a license AU didn’t allow freshmen to have cars on campus. I had friends with cars but none were moving that week.

      It was a strange experience for me. I came from the east coast, Indiana was a foreign world to me. Snow was rare growing up in MA. If Boston expected snow we got rain. If we did get snow we were on the hills early because we knew it would be gone by the afternoon. From what I hear its not like that now. They have terrible winters just like the rest of the state

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