One Word Photo Challenge: Earthquake

Here’s another flashback. The 1988 San Francisco earthquake. I remember with horror the images of complete devastation. In the videos and movies that followed were scenes from the collapsed Bay Bridge and the amazing rescues. Unfortunately far too many died.

I wouldn’t drive over the bridge and I conveniently avoided it during my two day stay. But never fear, my daughter just happened to find her way there. I sat in the passenger seat cringing at the memories of this collapsed bridge nearly 20 years before. Oh, and this was before I overcame my fear of bridges. It’s a wonder I survived.

9.24.15 earthquake

San Francisco, California



10 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Earthquake

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    • Well not everywhere :). I have been in all 48 contiguous states and 4 provinces. During my 2 year road trip I did “live” in many states. It certainly opens yours eyes to what’s out there.

      • It was so wonderful that after the planned 5 months I continued for 2 years and only when my van broke down – twice – and my daughter got pregnant did I stop. I was depressed for months.

        You should do it, either now while you don’t have many responsibilities, ie children or when you’re retired. It was my 50th birthday present to myself.

      • I will do it eventually. A promise to myself. I lack the ability to do it at the moment – I know it’s easy to make excuses but we’re in a bit of a transition period and are tight on money. But no matter what, I will travel. Thank you for your encouragement.

      • What allowed me to say on the road as long as I did was working while I traveled. I collected mortgage info for a bank at courthouses. Since then I’ve managed to make quite the career out of it working online, which I will continue if I get to travel again. When I go to Indiana I’m able to work at courthouses, which is more money. But I would arrange for some type of online work to do while you travel. I also unloaded my house and most of my belongings so I wouldn’t have those responsibilities while traveling.

        If you ever do get to travel I’d be glad to offer my extensive experience. 🙂

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