About Geophilia

Geo = earth     ~     philia = love of

Geophilia = Love of the earth

I have loved geography all my life. Before kindergarten, before reading and writing, my uncle taught me about geography through his love of our national parks as well as his world travels. It is only natural that I would teach my beloved subject.

Inyo National ForestIn 2005 my daughters and I took off on a month long quest to visit as many national parks as we could thus fulfilling a dream my uncle and I shared. After we were home I settled down with my computer to view my 3600+ photographs (so thankful for digital cameras). I came across this photograph and my heart leaped. A simple photo yes, but the deep oranges seemed to leap off the screen. I remembered taking, where I was, my daughter and I fighting over who would get the camera (I won) and the dashing around to get in just the right position to capture the sun setting between the two mountains. I knew in that moment that I wanted to be a photographer. When and how would come later. I was hooked.

My photographs combine my love of geography with my love of photography to give a sense of joy and serenity found in the earth’s beautiful landscapes both natural and cultural.

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17 thoughts on “About Geophilia

  1. Great site. If you want to come see more beauty in the world backpack the Grand Canyon with us. The photography almost all along the trail is incredible. Havasupai will also blow your mind, very gorgeous.

    • Thanks
      I’ve been to the Grand Canyon and would love to go back, hiking bright angel trail is on my “to do” list as is Havasupai – I’ve gotta see those waterfalls.
      Also, I tried several times check out your site but keep getting an error message.

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