Photography 101: Bliss

Ah bliss, that wonderful feeling of overwhelming peace and contentment, a break from the ordinary. A few years ago I drove four days from noisy, frigid and damp New England to Arizona. The warmth of the Arizona deserts dried the dampness from my soul and the complete quiet restored my mind. The result… a state of bliss.

Canyon de Chelly, Arizona

The blissful desert

Cee’s Fun Foto: Edges

I have a fear of heights, or I should say, falling. So when I went to the EDGE of this cliff my heart raced as I imagined myself dropping off the side. But this didn’t keep me from getting close to the EDGE to photography the valley below. I’m only a few feet from the EDGE, a big wind would have blown me off and down. I think they need guard rails.

edge, canyon de chelly

Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Arizona


Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective


Ancient Anasazi Ruins. There are numerous adobe dwellings like this through out the southwest.

11072010 326 (2)

The cliff dwellings above are just to the right of the blue arrow. How in the world did they get in there?

11072010 319 (2)

Photos taken at Junction Overlook, Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Arizona.

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