Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Anything Painted

Picture of a picture, I lived with my grandmother most of my childhood. It was an awesome experience cause she was a wonderful lady. One of her many talents was oil painting. She developed a technique that gave her art an impressionist feel. She also taught at the local adult night school. This is one of my favorites and still hangs on my living room wall. It’s a representation of Chatham, Mass in its early fishing days.

11.13 anything painted

Oil painting by Phyllis E Nelson




Cee’s Fun Foto: Pairs

A Pair of Lighthouses

5.22 pairs

Three Sisters Lighthouses, Cape Cod National Seashore

(Yes, I am missing one)




Bridge, sand and sea converge

11062010 018

Colonial Beach, West Yarmouth, Cape Cod Mass


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Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: Week 32

I grew up a few blocks from this unusual tiny cottage. I thought “how cool to live in a windmill”. It’s just the right size for me.

West Yarmouth, Massachusetts



cees odd ball


Monochrome Monday: Seagull Beach

11072010 038

Seagull Beach, West Yarmouth (Cape Cod), Massachusetts

Sunday Stills, The Next Challenge: Shorelines

nausett beach 2

Nauset Beach, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

video2 561

Sea Side Cottages, Provincetown, Cape Cod, Massachusetts


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Photos of Paintings: The Barbara Anne

While I’m avid about not posting (other than reblogs) works of others I’m making an exception with my “Photos of Paintings”. These were painted by my grandmother who developed and taught the technique of painting with the spatula. She introduced me to the world of art, tried to teach me to paint which I failed miserably at and brought me to art shows all over southeastern Mass. If she were alive today I know she’d love to see her work online for all to see. Unfortunately I was only able to acquire a dozen or so of her works. It is my desire to show off the beauty I grew up with. 103_3907crop

This painting was named for me; the name on the boat is “Barbara Anne”. Most of her work was seascapes (Cape Cod), landscapes and flowers; she rarely painted people and only painted a handful of portraits. Even though she felt she couldn’t get faces “just right” they were always beautiful.

For the Love of Geography: Fresh water ecosystems

Fresh water ecosystems are not forests but contain various forms of plants, shrubs and trees that thrive in a watery home.  Included in these ecosystems are marshlands, swamps, wetlands.

Tidal Salt Marsh: Grays Beach, Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts


Forested Swamp: Cypress Swamp, Natchez Trace Parkway, Mississippi


Fen: Mounds State Park, Indiana


Freshwater Marsh: Everglades National Park, Florida