Photography 101: Water

Water is one of my favorite things to photograph. Ok, it’s one of my favorite things in all my world – to live near, to visit/vacation, to chill out, to play. Even so, I do have a healthy fear of this wondrous beauty. Water is the most beautiful of the earth’s features but it’s also the most destructive and while we can’t survive without it water can also take our life. Of all the forms water it is falling water that intrigues me the most and captures all of my senses. I need a bumper sticker that warns that “I break for waterfalls” because I’ve been known to do that – often.

These photos depict Big Clifty Falls in landscape and portrait orientations. While the portrait highlights the length of the falls, one of the tallest in Indiana, I prefer the bedrock which leads into the falls in the landscape view. You might think the normal orientation for waterfalls would be portrait but I prefer the landscape view including the surrounding landscape to set off the beauty of the waterfall.

Clifty Falls State Park, Indiana