Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge, Week 41

Anyone want a piece of cake?

This lovely piece of cake was placed here by ice sheets that once covered North America. This large rock, “Cake Rock”, sits precariously on the edge of Little Clifty Falls gorge.

P1030969 (2)

Clifty Falls State Park, Indiana


cees odd ball

Photography 101: Architecture

Trail 2, Clifty Falls State Park, Indiana


Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent

This descent to Little Clifty Falls is one of my favorite places in the park. Years ago there were no stairs and no boardwalk across the top of the falls. You just took your chances walking down to the river then carefully cross the falls.

P1040098 (2)

Clifty Falls State Park, Madison, Indiana


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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Straight Lines

Straight Down

The straight lines of these stairs and bridge invite the hiker to come close to the flowing waters of Little Clifty Falls. Twenty years ago or so these stairs and the bridge weren’t there. Hikers crossed over by walking across the top of the waterfall. Oddly I never felt scared (of the height) and the rocks didn’t seem too slippery. The bridge does give it character but I still prefer to be close to the falls, to touch and experience it.

straight, P1040098 (2)

Clifty Falls State Park, Madison, Indiana


Travel Theme: Possibility

Possibility:  Someday this…


Will become this.


May we all have something or someone to inspire us to achieve our possibilities.

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Top Photo: Owens Creek Falls, Natchez Trace Parkway, Mississippi
Bottom Photo: Big Clifty Falls, Clifty Falls State Park, Indiana