Monochrome Monday: Memories of Winter #1


Shadyside Park, Anderson, Indiana

Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Lookin’ Through Windows


Covered Bridge at Shadyside Park, Anderson, Indiana

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Protected Places: Amnicon Falls State Park, Wisconsin

The Amnicon Falls State Park is known for four falls on the Amnicon River but it’s also rich in history and geography. The plunge pool below Amnicon Upper Falls is popular for swimming. Above the falls there are several small drops. There are two other falls; the Snake Pit Falls and the Now and Then Falls, a seasonal waterfall. Between the upper and lower Amnicon Falls is a covered bridge that provides a nice frame for the upper falls.

Upper Amnicon Falls & Plunge Pool

P1180335 (2)

Lower Amnicon Falls & Old bridge


Amnicon River


Old bridge


Amnicon River

P1180367 (2)

Amnicon River drops (mini-falls)


Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Bridges

Covered Bridge


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RED: Covered Bridge

Cataract Covered Bridge, Cataract Falls State Recreation Area, Indiana

catarak bridge