Photography 101: Edge

Jagged EDGES plunge upward from Crater Lake, a small memory of Mount Mazama. Phantom Ship Island gets its name from its ghost ship like appearance, especially in fog.

crater lake_phantom island4

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Ground

c4-ground.crater lake_watchman peak_trail

Watchman’s Peak trail, Crater Lake National Park, Oregon


Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

On Top of the world at Watchman Peak

Watchman Fire Lookout was built in 1932 and is still used by rangers during fire season. This photo is taken from the top of Watchman Peak. The next photo is taken from the parking lot with a normal lens. You can just make out the tower. The last photo is also from the parking lot but with telephoto lens giving more detail on how this building is situated ON TOP of the world.

crater lake_watchtower

crater lake_watchman peak2

crater lake_watchman peak3


My post for the Weekly Photo Challenge

A Photo a Week Challenge: Texture

Contrasting Textures

Jagged rock against dirt lined waves of snow still lingering through summer into fall.

crater lake_watchman peak_snow1

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon


My entry for Nancy Merrill’s A Photo a Week Challenge


Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections


crater lake 9

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon


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A Word A Week Photograph Challenge: Reflect

I get exhausted thinking about this past year so I’m posting a photo that is more relaxing, something I’d like to experience more of this next year.

crater lake_phantom island4

Phantom Ship Island, Crater Lake, Oregon


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Weekly Photo Challenge: FROM ABOVE

Boats Launching, Crater Lake National Park, Oregon
crater lake_boats

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A Word A Week Challenge: DAWN

I have only photographed dawn, or sunrise, twice that I actually woke up for. I usually just stay up.

The first photograph was taken at Crater Lake National Park, Oregon. As a little girl my uncle taught me about many of the national parks and Crater Lake was our favorite. Not only was I fulfilling a lifelong dream but honoring the memory of a man who had meant so much to me. We drove into the park well after midnight and followed the road until we found a parking lot. There were no lights, no moon; we couldn’t see more than a few feet in front of us. I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to find Wizard Island; I was hoping to take a photo of it at sunrise. I set my alarm to 4:00am and after hitting snooze a few times I finally rolled out of the car and turned around to see where we were. What did I see? We were only feet from the lake and the parking lot overlooked my beautiful Wizard Island.

I hiked hundreds of feet to the top of Watchman’s Peak just in time to capture the sun rising over the lake.

crater lake sunrise 2

The second photograph was taken at Summit Lake State Park, Indiana. I thought I would be sick getting up so early, but I did it. I got out of bed in time to get many beautiful shots. This photograph was taken in 2008 and was the last time I got up before the sun. I don’t expect it will happen again too soon.


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Travel theme: Up

This was one of my first view of Yellowstone. We we parked waiting to get through a construction zone. I got out and looked UP in wonder of all I was getting ready to see.

Watchman Peak, Crater Lake OR

I hiked UP this peac at 4:00am to get some amazing photos of the sun rising over Crater Lake.

Rock Climer, Devil's Tower WY

I had to use the most zoom I could get to capture this rock climber going UP the side of Devil’s Tower. This is an UP I will never do.

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Travel theme: Liquid

I know liquid is not just water but when I hear the word my first thought is water, ice cold, and I want to drink it. Here are a few photos that make me want to drink.

This is Crater Lake. The water was crystel clear and a beautiful Blue. Definately drinkable. The white colorations are mountain ridges left from a volcanic explosion.

Nothing says drinkable like a water fountain and this one was a beauty. I wanted  to jump in and play. This was taken somewhere near Dothan, Alabama. I’m not sure where exactly so if anyone knows where this is I’d sure like to know. It was close to the Florida line.

Ah, a big wave perfect for refreshing but I wouldn’t drink it.

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