At 40 million years old Devil’s Tower has certainly endured. But what you may not know is this towering rock was sacred to more than twenty Native American Plains Tribes hundreds of years ago. As remarkable as Devil’s Towers physical endurance is its spiritual endurance in the minds, hearts and souls of today’s Native Americans who continue to pilgrimage the site for sacred rituals. If you look closely you’ll see little prayer bags hanging on trees.

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Devil’s Tower National Monument, Wyoming


For more information about the Tribes of Devil’s Tower check out the NPS site

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Travel theme: Up

This was one of my first view of Yellowstone. We we parked waiting to get through a construction zone. I got out and looked UP in wonder of all I was getting ready to see.

Watchman Peak, Crater Lake OR

I hiked UP this peac at 4:00am to get some amazing photos of the sun rising over Crater Lake.

Rock Climer, Devil's Tower WY

I had to use the most zoom I could get to capture this rock climber going UP the side of Devil’s Tower. This is an UP I will never do.

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