Cee’s Which Way Challenge: 2014 #3



Mounds State Park, Indiana

cees which way




Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons (3)

Changing seasons at Shadyside Park, Anderson, Indiana

Shadyside Park, Anderson IN - Winter

Walking on Ice

Shadyside Park, Anderson IN - Early Spring

April showers bring…

Shadyside Park, Anderson IN - Late Spring

…May flowers

Shadyside Park, Anderson IN - Summer

Summer’s in full bloom

Shadyside Park, Anderson IN - Autumn

Autumn reminds us once again that to witness rebirth death must come first.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons (1)

I do love the changing seasons and snow is beautiful but not beautiful enough to get me to leave the warmth of Florida in the winter. That being said, my distaste of the cold has kept me from photographing many beautiful places. There are only a few places I actually ventured out to in the winter.

These photographs were taken at Whitewater State Park, Indiana.

Whitewater Memorial State Park,  IN -- Winter

Winter White

Whitewater Memorial State Park,  IN -- Spring

  Spring, the earth’s rebirth

Whitewater Memorial State Park,  IN -- Summer

Summer’s playground

Whitewater Memorial State Park,  IN -  Autumn

Autumn, getting ready to ready
to hibernate