Vivid Pinks

seaworld4.151 238

SeaWorld, Orlando

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Cee’s Fun Foto: Pink

5.8 pink

SeaWorld, Orlando



Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: Week 23

Whoa, look at those flamingos, they’re huge!

would you look at that, theyre huge

 What are they feeding them?

what are they feeding him

Well, there it is, some birds will eat anything, even people.

some birds will eat anything

Oh no, there’s a whole flock of them!

oh no, theres a whole flock of them

Run for your lives! There’s a flock of evil soldier Stepford  birds.

run, there evil soldier stepford  birds


Photos taken at SeaWorld, Orlando


cees odd ball







Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: Week 8

A few weeks ago I posted an odd sight – fake palm trees at a McDonald’s drive thru. Last weekend while visiting SeaWorld I saw not only fake palm trees but fake flamingos as well. I find it ODD that a place with an abundance of both would display fake trees and birds. But I love it anyway and would have loved them in my yard in Indiana.
fake trees and flamingos



cees odd ball

Sonel’s Photo-Editing Challenge : Feathers

I used Picasa for editing, first I cropped to just the feathers then applied drastic contrast to darken background and bring out the reds. Nest I applied a soft focus highlighting the central feathers.


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A Word A Week Challenge: Pink



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