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Transportative photography: Same Place, Another Time

Ghost towns have a way of showing the reality of life that all things change and ways of life end. Mormon row is a testament of the courageous people who braved rugged terrain, starvation, illness and lack of resources to forge a better life. As I wandered around the long deserted buildings I thought about the life the former inhabitants experienced, “what life was like for them” and “what they must have thought at the sight of these majestic mountains.”

Grand teton national park

 Mormon Row, Grand Teton National Park

For the Love of Geography: Mountains

I grew up in a coastal town in Massachusetts. Living so close to the Appalachian Mountains, my family and I often visited Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine each fall enjoy the spectacular display of color. I believed I knew what a mountain was then I took my family on a trip west. I’ll never forget how I felt as we drove south through the Grand Teton National Park. My daughter was driving and my other daughter in the back and I was in the passenger seat. I was overcome by a sense of awe and spiritual awakening.
As we drove, my head hanging out the window, my jaw resting on the car door I finally was able to catch my breath I yelled “STOP”. And I yelled stop every few minutes so I could get out and photography these monuments to God’s strength and beauty.
These photographs were taken during this ride along this mountain range that just seems to jet into the sky from what felt like flat land.

Mt Moran WY Cascade Canyon, Lake Jenny WY Grand Tetons, WY

These photographs were taken on a later trip to the Tetons, a stark difference. Initially I was disappointed that I wouldn’t get the same spectacular views as before but we can’t go back, we always must embrace the present no matter what we’re faced with. The views may not have been the same but the spectacular sunsets were definitely worth it.

Wildfire, Grand Teton National Park Wy

Wildfire, Grand Teton National Park Wy

Mt Moran, WY

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