Sunday Nature Quote: Wilderness

“This is not wilderness for designation or for a park. Not a scenic wilderness and not one good for fishing or the viewing of wildlife. It is wilderness that gets into your nostrils, that runs with your sweat. It is the core of everything living, wilderness like molten iron.”

~  ~    Craig Childs

Picture 473 (2)-001

Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area, Kentucky

Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

Center Furnace
This is an iron furnace, a relic of days gone by. This furnace was in use from the 1840s until the early 1900s. Picture 419

Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area, Kentucky

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Cee’s Fun Foto: Happy

Picture 298 (2)



Transportative photography: Where am I again?

As I pulled into my campground I thought “where am I again?”, is this really Kentucky? I woke to this site everyday…what a view. I had been traveling in Tennessee and Kentucky for several weeks and only found one other place open for camping. It was a breath of fresh air when I discovered the Land Between the Lakes NRA.

Land between the lakes NRA