One Word Photo Challenge: Eigengrau

4.14 eigengrau

Minnesota’s North Shore, lights of Superior WI & Duluth MN in the distance




These drops will never pass this way again…


Cross River Falls, Scenic Route 61, Minnesota’s North Shore


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Travel Theme: Minimalist

P1250313Superior National Forest, Minnesota


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One Word Photo Challenge: Taupe

12.16.14 - toupe

Gooseberry Falls State Park, Minnesota



Cee’s Fun Foto: Abandoned Buildings

Abandoned Church somewhere in Minnesota



One Word Photo Challenge: Sapphire

11.11.14 - sapphire

Superior National Forest, Minnesota



One Word Photo Challenge: Navy

Navy Skies

10.7.14 - navy

Lake Superior, Minnesota



Sunday Nature Quotes: The Space Around

“Each thing organizes the space around it, rebuffing or sidling up against other things; each thing calls, gestures, beckons to other beings or battles them for our attention; things expose themselves to the sun or retreat among the shadows, shouting with their loud colors or whispering with their seeds; rocks snag lichen spores from the air and shelter spiders under their flanks; clouds converse with the fathomless blue and metamorphose into one another; they spill rain upon the land, which gathers in rivulets and carves out canyons…”

David Abram

P1170614 (2)-001

Temperance River Gorge, Minnesota

Travel theme: Transportation

Canoeing, Lake Superior, Minnesota

Canoeing, Lake Superior

While driving is my favorite mode of travel, canoeing and kayaking are a close second.

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