One Word Photo Challenge: Automatic

Automatic Lighthouse

Boca Grande Light, Florida

12.29 automatic



One Word Photo Challenge: Attic

Stairway to the attic

12.22 attic

Santa’s House, Busch Gardens, Tampa



One Word Photo Challenge: Artificial

With only one natural waterfall here in Florida the best you’ll do here is to view the many artificial falls

12.15 artificial



One Word Photo Challenge: Armadillo

This little fella visited my campsite. It was cold and he was probably hungry.

12.8.15 - armadillo

Natchez Trace Parkway, Mississippi



One Word Photo Challenge: Appliance

This little cabin is my favorite retreat spot, away from the noise of the civilized world…or is it. While a rustic cabin, it still offers many amenities of home including a mini kitchen, air conditioning and as shown in this photo, a microwave oven.

12.2 appliance

Spring Hill Park & Retreat, Indiana



One Word Photo Challenge: Aperture

11.26 aperture

Madison County, Indiana



One Word Photo Challenge: Ant

11.18 ant

Tippecanoe State Park, Indiana



One Word Photo Challenge: Double Rainbow

11.12.15 pik yr own - rainbow

Southern Utah



One Word Photo Challenge: Summer

11.5.15 summer

This actually was taken in the fall but it’s summer all year down here in sunny Florida. We look forward to our one day of winter.





One Word Photo Challenge: Winter

10.29.15 winter

Anderson, Indiana