One Word Photo Challenge: Spring

10.22.15 springTulip Festival, Holland, Michigan



One Word Photo Challenge: Autumn

The one thing I miss about the north is Autumn. So down here in Orlando we import it. Trick or treating is so much better without the freezing temps and snow.


Pumpkin Patch, Orlando Florida



One Word Photo Challenge: Night

Sun setting, night rising, over Cave Run Lake 10.8.15 night

Daniel Boone National Forest, Kentucky



One Word Photo Challenge: Smog

Intermontane areas create their own special type of smog.

10.1.15 smog

Death Valley National Park, California



One Word Photo Challenge: Earthquake

Here’s another flashback. The 1988 San Francisco earthquake. I remember with horror the images of complete devastation. In the videos and movies that followed were scenes from the collapsed Bay Bridge and the amazing rescues. Unfortunately far too many died.

I wouldn’t drive over the bridge and I conveniently avoided it during my two day stay. But never fear, my daughter just happened to find her way there. I sat in the passenger seat cringing at the memories of this collapsed bridge nearly 20 years before. Oh, and this was before I overcame my fear of bridges. It’s a wonder I survived.

9.24.15 earthquake

San Francisco, California



One Word Photo Challenge: Blizzard

If you lived in the Midwest in January 1978 you’ll remember The major blizzard that devastated the region. I was in college during mid semester break. There were very few students on campus. We weren’t allowed to leave our dorms for two days and weren’t to leave campus for a week. We hung out at the student center where there was food, limited as it was. Trucks were unable to get through to deliver food. After a week we ventured out to the grocery store that still handing received many deliveries and most shelves were bare. But it was a nice change of scenery

This photo was taken just before I fell through the snow that reached my hips.

9.17.15 bilizzard

Anderson University, Anderson Indiana



One Word Photo Challenge: Wildfire

This photo was taken on my second trip to Grand Teton National Park. After four months of travel I couldn’t wait to see those shooting peaks that changed my geographic focus. But when I got there I could barely see them from the smoke of a wildfire. I was so disappointed but the colors of sunset brightened my outlook. Without the smoke this sunset would have been much different.

9.10.15 wildfire 9:00 PM, Mountain Time


9:40 PM, Mountain Time



One Word Photo Challenge: Drought

Drought: lack of rain. Some areas go so long with out rain even rivers dry up. But once it does rain look out, thus the pole with feet marked so you know if you can drive through. It gives a whole new meaning to flash flood.

 9.3.15 drought

Death Valley National Park, California



One Word Photo Challenge: Snow

8.13.5 snow





One Word Photo Challenge: Foggy

8.6.15 foggy