One Word Photo Challenge: Humid

7.30.15 humid

A hot humid morning in the Appalachian Mountains

North Bend State Park, West Virginia



One Word Photo Challenge: Tornado

Cows! We have Cows!

My favorite quote from Twister. Unfortunately I couldn’t find my photo with flying cows. While this scene is staged it does show the destruction possible from a strong tornado.

This photo was taken at the Twister attraction at Universal Studios Orlando

7.23.15 tornado




One Word Photo Challenge: Flood

7.16.15 flood

Shadyside Park, Anderson Indiana



One Word Photo Challenge: Sandstorm

After a sandstorm or just a little blow, the roads at White Sands National Monument in New Mexico need plowed regularly

7.9.15 sand storm




One Word Photo Challenge: Tsunami

Tsunami – A really big wave.

7.2.15 tsunami

While the waves were only 5-7″ this day, it was a tsunami for the babies and little creatures on shore. Yup, I know I’m pushing it here.



One Word Photo Challenge: Hurricane

Hurricane Charley, Port Charlotte, Florida – 2004

6.23.15 hurricane




One Word Photo Challenge: Windy

6.16.15 windy

 Michigan City Regatta, Lake Michigan, Indiana



One Word Photo Challenge: Wet

6.9.15 wet




One Word Photo Challenge: Dry

6.2.15 dry

Death Valley National Park, California 

One Word Photo Challenge: Cold

5.26.15 cold

 Mounds State Park, Indiana