Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Ground

c4-ground.crater lake_watchman peak_trail

Watchman’s Peak trail, Crater Lake National Park, Oregon


A Word A Week Challenge: DAWN

I have only photographed dawn, or sunrise, twice that I actually woke up for. I usually just stay up.

The first photograph was taken at Crater Lake National Park, Oregon. As a little girl my uncle taught me about many of the national parks and Crater Lake was our favorite. Not only was I fulfilling a lifelong dream but honoring the memory of a man who had meant so much to me. We drove into the park well after midnight and followed the road until we found a parking lot. There were no lights, no moon; we couldn’t see more than a few feet in front of us. I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to find Wizard Island; I was hoping to take a photo of it at sunrise. I set my alarm to 4:00am and after hitting snooze a few times I finally rolled out of the car and turned around to see where we were. What did I see? We were only feet from the lake and the parking lot overlooked my beautiful Wizard Island.

I hiked hundreds of feet to the top of Watchman’s Peak just in time to capture the sun rising over the lake.

crater lake sunrise 2

The second photograph was taken at Summit Lake State Park, Indiana. I thought I would be sick getting up so early, but I did it. I got out of bed in time to get many beautiful shots. This photograph was taken in 2008 and was the last time I got up before the sun. I don’t expect it will happen again too soon.


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Wizard’s Rising

Sunrise over Wizard Island, Crater Lake National Park