Photo-Editing Challenge : Droplets

This was a bit difficult, I don’t have many (only this and a few like it). I love the look of droplets but I never want to leave home in the rain. And as a landscape photographer I don’t think much in terms of macro, yes this is unfortuneate for me and I am trying to overcome this handicap. I also thought about adding droplets in Adobe but I forgot how. So I took this orginal, cropped it and applied a different effect or filter to each (using Picasa).

P1110533 -original

















Photo-Editing Challenge : Vintage



Using Picasa I did some minor cropping then added brown tint, applied a “hdr-ish” filter then added warm tones




In Picasa I cropped then added changed to black & white, used extreme shadows then warm tones


Photos taken at the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum, Auburn, Indiana


Sonel’s Photo-Editing Challenge : Feathers

I used Picasa for editing, first I cropped to just the feathers then applied drastic contrast to darken background and bring out the reds. Nest I applied a soft focus highlighting the central feathers.