Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Signs

Signs on house to the left are from FEMA and the New Orleans Fire Department indicating the dangerous conditions of this house. This photo was taken in January 2010, more than 4 years after Hurricane Katrina. The house to the right has been repaired but as you can see not everything is 100% back to normal. 


Where does that sign belong, which way am I to turn?? This photo was taken in the aftermath of Hurricane Charley (2004). Many sign as well as landmarks were gone or destroyed. I remember many people contacting the radio station trying to find their home because with no geographic references many people, especially those new to the Port Charlotte area, couldn’t find their homes. Hurricane Charley_0006

When I first saw this scene I had to laugh. The sign says “No boat trailer parking”. Doesn’t say you can’t park your boat there, right? But perhaps Hurricane Bob (1991) can’t read. What the photo doesn’t show are the hundreds of boats destroyed along the shore of Lewis Bay, Cape Cod.

Cape Cod_0044

On a lighter note…my girls at the Twins Festival, Twinsburg Ohio. Going to SeaWorld was the highlight of the trip. As life moves on, things may change, my girls are grown and we don’t attend the festival anymore but even sadder is that SeaWorld has closed.

seaworld 4

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