Travel theme: Architecture

Ancient architecture created by prehistoric Americans. Serpent Mound in Ohio is one such place created to represent all that is sacred in nature…earth and heavens. The coils of  Serpent Mound represent the position of the moon and seasons.

serpent 10-26 (2)


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Travel theme: Circles

Circular Barns

(Lakeview Park, Rochester, Indiana)
Lakeview Park, Rochester IN

Grist mill’s water wheels, circles in motion    

(Dunn’s Falls Water Park, Mississippi)

Dunn's Falls Water Park, MS

Earthen circles

(Coiled tail of Serpent Mound, Ohio)

Tail of Serpent Mound, Ohio

Sacred Circles & Sacred Paths

(Labyrinth at New Harmony, Indiana)

Labyrinth at New Harmony, Indiana

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