One Word Photo Challenge: Seafoam

Taking it literally…Seafoam

2.10.15 - seafoam

Cocoa Beach, Florida




Sunday Stills, the next challenge: On the Water

Tables Beach, Cocoa-1 032

Tables Beach, Cocoa, Florida


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Monochrome Monday: The Docks


Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Focus on Florida: Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach is a popular vacation spot and beach on Florida’s Atlantic Coast. The beaches are great for families and surfers or just body surfing, my personal favorite.















Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – The Season of Summer

A boy and his board


I’ve always equated summer with going to the beach. This little boy, eyeing the water for the perfect wave, brings back warm memories of my youthful summers.


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Travel theme: Walls

Sego Canyon UT

Wall Paintings

Pictographs, Sego Canyon Utah

 Cocoa Beach FL

Wall of Water

Cocoa Beach Florida

Falls of the Ohio State Park, IN

Dam Wall

Falls of the Ohio State Park, Indiana

Spring Mill State Park, IN

Rock Wall

Hamer Pioneer Cemetery, Springmill State Park, Indiana

Turkey Run State Park IN

Canyon Wall

Rocky Hollow Nature Preserve, Trail 3, Indiana

White Sands National Monument NM

Wall of Sand

My sledding trail; Alkali Flat Trail, White Sands National Monument, New Mexico


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Free Flight

I love seagulls. I think they are beautiful birds even though they are scavengers and can be mean. As with most gulls this little beauty was found at a beach but gulls can be found hundreds of miles inland. I’ve been lucky to see them at the Great Lakes and even small lakes in Indiana.

Travel theme: Liquid

I know liquid is not just water but when I hear the word my first thought is water, ice cold, and I want to drink it. Here are a few photos that make me want to drink.

This is Crater Lake. The water was crystel clear and a beautiful Blue. Definately drinkable. The white colorations are mountain ridges left from a volcanic explosion.

Nothing says drinkable like a water fountain and this one was a beauty. I wanted  to jump in and play. This was taken somewhere near Dothan, Alabama. I’m not sure where exactly so if anyone knows where this is I’d sure like to know. It was close to the Florida line.

Ah, a big wave perfect for refreshing but I wouldn’t drink it.

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