Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Hats

10.23 hats

Mexican Hat, Utah



Monochrome Monday: Desert Roads

11072010 170

A Word A Week Photograph Challenge: Frame




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A Word A Week Photograph Challenge – Mural

Sego Canyon UT

Sego Canyon Petroglyphs, Utah


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

Ancient Writings

Petroglyphs at Sego Canyon, Utah


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

The earth is full of natural monuments. One example is “MONUMENT” Valley at the Arizona/Utah border

mon val_mesa-butte-pinnecle4

“The Mittens”, MONUMENT Valley

mon val_mittins


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A Word A Week Challenge: Curve

Arches are nature’s natural curves created by swirling waters and whooshing winds.

(Delicate Arch, Arches National Park, Utah)



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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Which Ways – Featuring Roads

Scenic I-70, Utah

P1200963 (2)

Tiaoga Park, Kentucky


Coronado National Forest, Arizona

11072010 334 (2)

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A Word A Week Challenge – HAT


Mexican Hat, Utah

UT_mex hat 2 (2)


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Travel Theme: Roads

The “You want me to go where road!”

As my family and I were driving through The Valley of the Gods in southern Utah we approached a mesa, a vertical wall of rock several thousand feet in height. I stated “Ashley, I think this road is going to end but the map shows it going through.” We got closer and then in a panicked tone I exclaimed “I think were supposed to drive up the side of that mesa!” Now my fear of heights is only second to my fear of spiders. Luckily my daughter was driving because I would have turned back. This photograph was taken at 1100 ft. I got out of the car shaking; my daughter too was unnerved by the windy drive with its hairpin turns on a single land gravel road. We still laugh as we talk about this scary journey up the side of a mesa.


The Scenic Road

This scenic road in Brown County State Park (Indiana) is a favorite getaway spot as 1000s of visitor come to view the beautiful fall foliage.


The road goes on forever

It may seem like forever as you drive through Death Valley. What seems close is just an illusion and as you think you are getting close to your destination you are actually still very far away.


The long and winding road

This winding gravel road was taken as I drove the back country of Parke County, Indiana in search of an elusive waterfall…and yes I found it, Groundhog falls.


An Ancient Road

The Sunken Trace is a remnant of the ancient Natchez Trace Parkway where in the early 1800s people walked 500 miles enduring hardships and even deadly conditions in order to find for themselves a better life.


Mountain Roads

This photograph was taken from a rest area along Utah’s scenic route I-70. Many highways were carved from mountain rock to make westward travel more efficient.



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