One Word Photo Challenge: Copper

4.7.15 copper

Gas Works Park, Seattle, Washington



For the Love of Geography: U-Shape Valley

U-Shaped valleys are just what they sound like – a valley shaped like a “U”. These valleys are the result of glaciers carving further into an existing depression created from a river called a v-shaped valley. The valley is transformed from gradually sloping side to steep sides and a flat bottom. Rivers often remain from glacial melting that replace the original river. U-shaped valleys are found at high mountain altitudes worldwide.

RM_u shape

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

WA_u shape valley_st helens3

Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Washington

Perspective of distance

Mount Rainier, Seattle Washington

Mt Rainier as seen from Seattle WA

Driving south into Seattle Washington the road curved to the east and this is what I saw. This huge beautiful mountain seemed to float in a bed of clouds over the city. It seemed so close as if it came from nowhere to settle over the city but in fact it was nearly 80 miles away.