Sunday Nature Quotes: The Space Around

“Each thing organizes the space around it, rebuffing or sidling up against other things; each thing calls, gestures, beckons to other beings or battles them for our attention; things expose themselves to the sun or retreat among the shadows, shouting with their loud colors or whispering with their seeds; rocks snag lichen spores from the air and shelter spiders under their flanks; clouds converse with the fathomless blue and metamorphose into one another; they spill rain upon the land, which gathers in rivulets and carves out canyons…”

David Abram

P1170614 (2)-001

Temperance River Gorge, Minnesota

Travel Theme: Decoration

The earth decorates herself with blankets of moss, cloaks of rainbow, hair of green and falling diamonds.

P1190478 (2)

Riffle Falls State Park, Colorado

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Straight Lines

Straight Down

The straight lines of these stairs and bridge invite the hiker to come close to the flowing waters of Little Clifty Falls. Twenty years ago or so these stairs and the bridge weren’t there. Hikers crossed over by walking across the top of the waterfall. Oddly I never felt scared (of the height) and the rocks didn’t seem too slippery. The bridge does give it character but I still prefer to be close to the falls, to touch and experience it.

straight, P1040098 (2)

Clifty Falls State Park, Madison, Indiana


Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

Lewis Falls, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming: Overview of the area

YS_lewis falls1

Lewis Falls & my daughter: relationship to area gives some perspective on size

YS_lewis falls ash 4

Lewis Falls & fisherman: this shows more detail of the falls as well as the presence of the fisherman who wasn’t visible in the above photos. This gives an even greater perspective on size. He was in the other photos just not visible.

YS_lewis falls 3

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Travel Theme: Possibility

Possibility:  Someday this…


Will become this.


May we all have something or someone to inspire us to achieve our possibilities.

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Top Photo: Owens Creek Falls, Natchez Trace Parkway, Mississippi
Bottom Photo: Big Clifty Falls, Clifty Falls State Park, Indiana

A Word A Week Photograph Challenge: High

P1230885 (2)

Tower Falls, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

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Sunday Stills, the next challenge: One Pic of your favorite Subject – Waterfalls

P1170842 (2)

Kakabeca Falls, Ontario


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Sunday Nature Quote: Shimmering Waters


In central Colorado the Continental Divide is a wilderness of desolate peaks that rise far above the timber line into regions of rime and naked rock. Here, with other rivers, springs the Arkansas, in deep canyons and narrow rocky valleys. Many silver creeks, with water flashing in cascades, unite to form a river which plunges down a steep mountain valley until it passes the foothills and spreads in a broad, turbid stream at the head of the great valley of the Arkansas. Then it creeps over the sands in tawny ripples, down the incline of the plains, becoming less in volume by evaporation and the absorption of the waters in the sands, but growing in size from the accession of smaller tributaries that come from distant mountains on either hand.

~  ~  John Wesley Powell  ~  ~


Photo taken at Rifle Falls State Park, Colorado

Spotlight on Florida: Falling Waters State Park

Picture 803 (2)

Picture 795

Picture 845 (2)

Picture 809

Picture 854

Picture 825

Travel Theme: Motion

Perpetual Motion

Soda Dam Falls, New Mexico

Soda Dam Falls 1 (2)

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