Spotlight on Florida: SeaWorld’s Wild Side

I’m continuing with my weekly Spotlight on Florida series. I’m surprised I haven’t covered this week’s location as its one of my favorites and it keeps us here in Orlando…SeaWorld. Over the next few weeks I’ll cover other theme attractions in central Florida, some maybe more than once since there is so much to see.

This week it’s all about the animals…the wildlife and marine life.

There are birds and bears…

And of course SeaWorld has numerous aquariums, here are a few…

Then there are SeaWorld’s show stars. These wonderful mammals bring in the crowds that help fund the research and rescue of injured and ill wildlife and marine life.

This little guy is something you may only see dead on the side of the road but here is Mr. Possum enjoying the attention of his trainer and all those amazed at how docile this little guy is. Despite the negative press of the past few years, SeaWorld does a lot to help animals in need and not just those in the water. This little guy’s mom was one of those unfortunate possums you find dead on the road. This lucky one survived through the efforts of SeaWorld’s rescue teams.


And of course no SeaWorld park would be complete without their star: Shamu.


SeaWorld is located in southwest Orlando on Central Florida Parkway near International Drive. The park is open 365 days a year and hours vary with the seasons.

With planning and quick feet it is possible to see the whole park in a day, two if you want to enjoy it.